Quality Control You Can Trust

Working with link building services is frustrating, I get it. There is absolutely zero quality control and for the most part, people are just selling posts from guest post networks with no standards.

But at LinksThatRank, we take quality control seriously.  Each and every link is manually reviewed by a member of our team who takes it through our internal 23 point quality control review to make sure you only ever receive links that move the needle.

This includes things like making sure the placement contains internal links, external links, images and unique high quality content along with technical checks like making sure the X-Robots-tag has not been set to noindex in the hidden HTTP header & has internal links pointing to it.

Strict Blacklist Policy

We operate a strict blacklist of sites that are known to be guest post farms, on resellers lists, PBN’s or hacked links from SAPE.

For example you can search Google for “guest post sites” or a search like the GIF on the right-hand side to find resellers lists.  All of these sites are in our blacklist.  Likewise if someone emails us offering links, we ask for their full list and blacklist it.

We update our blacklist monthly from a number of sources to make sure you are ONLY getting the highest quality of link.

Meet Your Links…
We have simplified the link building process so that all you need to do is tell us which URL and target keyword to rank. That means you don’t have to worry about reviewing site quality, link placement, metrics, anchor text, content length or anything else – we do it ALL for you.




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